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Glasses & Contact Lenses

Eyewear and contact lenses

When it comes to eyewear, you've never had a wider range of choices than at Gardner C Quarton MD in Kapaa, HI. After doctor Gardner C Quarton discusses your options with you, you can decide between traditional frames or contact lenses. In eyewear, we carry a selection from fashion minded designs to the simply practical, whether they are for everyday wear or sunglasses, safety and sports glasses. There are options in lenses like progressive, bi-focal and tinted - the range and combinations are enormous. 
Fortunately, Dr. Qaurton and experienced staff at our Kauai office can streamline the choices and process of finding quality eyewear. When you come in for a consultation, we can:
  • Provide the eye exam 
  • Make your prescription 
  • Discuss Eyewear & contact lens options 
  • Show our variety of lenses & styles 
  • Prompt filling of prescription 
  • Assist with your insurance claims
We have a large stock of frames and lenses on hand, so you'll be sure to find the perfect combination. This is all part of our commitment to your seeing more clearly!

Contact lenses

You can have 20/20 vision without the distraction of eyeglasses. Contact lenses are the answer.
There are plenty of reasons why some people prefer wearing contacts:
  • They offer a wider field of vision 
  • No steaming up in the rain 
  • Difficult to misplace 
  • You can alter your appearance with colored lenses
And of course, many people just think they look better without glasses. Whatever your reasons, we can help you find the right contact lenses. Whether you prefer daily or extended-wear lenses, our eye doctor can assist in making the right choice, and in explaining the care and proper use of contact lenses.
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